Shelly Howells 


Ms. Shelly has been teaching at Saint Sophia School for 14 years.  She is trained in early childhood education and has taught Pre-K classes.  Her classroom provides a hands on experience.  She believes children learn from manipulating their own materials to achieve success.  Her goal is to establish a solid foundation for exploring and learning to help each child gain confidence and self-assurance.  Shelly is also trained in the Montessori Method. 


In her free time she golfs, reads, and spends the weekends at the family cabin in Ashley National Forest.  Skiing is her hobby of choice during our beautiful Utah winters.


Pre-K 4


Pre-K 3 

Sjaanie Olds

Toddler Program

Ms. Sjaanie was named after her sweet Dutch grandmother.  She earned a degree from the University of Utah in Family and Consumer Studies with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development.  She has taught piano lessons for 15+ years and loves her students as well as playing the piano.  Ms. Sjaanie enjoys camping with her family  in the National Parks, their backyard chickens, self-help podcasts, being involved in the community,  and sugar cookies.  She is excited to be teaching the Toddler Class at St. Sophia.

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