Grandparents’ Day & Earth Day Planting!

Written by: SAdmin | Date: Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015
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Saint Sophia School Welcomes Spring!

The students of Saint Sophia School celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday, April  22nd with their grandparents.  Grandparents and students learned about the growth process of the sunflower.  They then moved to the gardens to plant sunflower seeds, other flowers and herbs.  The day’s events concluded with a short program followed by lunch. Fun was had by all!

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Comments from parents and grandparents:

“Grandparents day at Saint Sophia was wonderful!!  The kids were really cute, and I loved planting flowers with my grandson.  The school has many programs to involve families.  Everyone is nice, warm and welcoming.  I’ve enjoyed being part of this community, making new friends and watching my grandson grow. “–Kathleen Barber (Gary L. Pre-K 4)

“Just wanted to thank the staff of Saint Sophia Hellenic Orthodox School for the Earth Day, and Grandparents Day celebration they planned for their students and grandparents.  It was such fun spending time planting flowers and having lunch with our granddaughter.  We appreciate that they include us in so many of their school activities.  What a wonderful school!” –John and Peggy Trujillo (Elektra T. Pre-K3)

“It was so nice to see all of the kids, grandparents and teachers planting flowers and getting their hands dirty.   I enjoyed eating lunch with my granddaughter and sharing this day together.” –Nick Bapis (Sophia C. Pre-K 4)

“We chose herbs for our contribution to the gardens.  Georgie was familiar with the herbs from helping us water and tasting them at our house.  It was exciting to have him participate in the planting with us and getting his hands into everything.  We are thankful to have such a “hands-on” learning environment available for him.”–Drew and Yvonne Pauls (George R. Pre-K3)

“We are grateful for the school, and its focus on family.  These special events make the kids feel supported, and loved.  It is so neat to see all the families come together on days like today.  We are all lucky to have the opportunity to be here.  We wouldn’t miss it!”– Shawn Trujillo and Angie Katsanevas (Elektra T. Pre-K 4)

“It was nice to see the grandparents and grandchildren bonding together and planting flowers in front of the school.  It’s so exciting to walk in everyday and see the beautiful blooms.  Everyone had a nice time and the little songs they sang were really sweet.” –Arge Feotis (Maria F. Pre-K4)

“What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Spring morning and celebrate Earth Day!  The energy was electric.   It was very exciting to see the students take the lead and proudly share their campus, classrooms, knowledge and talents with their grandparents. I am thankful for the opportunity to have this kind of learning environment for my son.“ –Nicole Pauls (George R. Pre-K3)

“Just a quick note to say thank you for a great Earth Day. The hands on approach and the fun nature of planting flowers and working the dirt. The kids learned so much and broadened their minds. What a great day and experience for the students and their grandparents. All  our best and looking forward to next year.”  Sincerely, The Michael N. Katsanevas Family (Nicholas K. Pre-K 3)

“What a great time seeing all these generations together.  It was nice having all the grandparents involved in their grandchildren’s learning.  There was so much fun and laughter as we planted flowers and visited during lunch.” Kiriaki Makris (Ari Pre-K 4)


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