Have You Signed Up for the Janet Lansbury Presentation?

Written by: Kathy Bringhurst | Date: Thursday, October 9th, 2014
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Dear Parents,

As you know, Janet Lansbury is coming to Saint Sophia School on October 14 at 7:00 PM. If you haven’t already signed up, why are you waiting?

Here are  10  reasons to sign up and attend this special presentation:

1. This is a special presentation set up by Saint Sophia School mainly for Saint Sophia parents, grandparents, and interested friends. (Due to the cost, we have opened it up to the public at $20 each). You only pay $15 to attend. 

2. You will learn valuable lessons in how to deal respectfully with your child’s ups and downs.

3. You will learn how to deal with tantrums. (Maybe YOURS, too!)

4. You will leave with some new ways to deal with your child’s “attitude”.

5. Can’t wait until your child(ren) go to sleep? Learn how to enjoy your children more (while they are awake!).

6. Play. What is play, really???

7. Are you experiencing new challenges with your 3-4 yr. old? Sleep issues? Eating issues? Hitting? Screaming? etc. How do you react? What do you do? Do you need a new bag of tricks?

8. Learn what being a “respectful parent” means.

9. Discipline. (Need I say more?) Don’t we all need some ideas that work? Rewards and Punishment? What? How? When?

10. I’ll be there. 🙂

Don’t be left out of the conversation on Wednesday morning at Saint Sophia School! We’ll all be talking about the Janet Lansbury presentation. You’ll want to join the conversation!

It’s not too late……Sign up today!!!! Call Brian. Reserve your spot. You can pay at the door, pay by check, cash, or credit card and YOU get a discount because your child attends Saint Sophia School – It’s only $15 each! Don’t pass up this great opportunity. Janet’s books will be for sale before and after the presentation. 

From the desk of Kathy Bringhurst, Education Director

Silver Lake Field Trip in Pictures

Written by: Kathy Bringhurst | Date: Saturday, October 4th, 2014
Categories: Events

Saint Sophia Pre-Kindergartners Explore Silver Lake with Teachers and Parents.

IMG_4540              IMG_4543

IMG_4544             IMG_4550


IMG_4552             IMG_4553


IMG_4556             IMG_4557



IMG_4558              IMG_4563


IMG_4567               IMG_4574


IMG_4575               IMG_4576


IMG_4577                                IMG_4579



IMG_4583                              IMG_4584


IMG_4587             IMG_4589

IMG_4591             IMG_4594


IMG_4596                          IMG_4598


IMG_4601             IMG_4602



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